Crypto Card

Go from cash to crypto, instantly

Buy, sell, and send digital currencies at the touch of a button, with no hidden fees. VXL BANK cryptocurrency service is not regulated by the Central Bank of Santo Tome and Principe, other than for the purposes of money laundering. Capital at risk.

Get in on the crypto action from $1

Invest in VXL Dollar, VXL Network, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens with 30+ currencies. Make trades with a tap from $1.

Buy, sell or send instantly

Just like any other currency on VXL BANK, you can buy, sell, and send it to friends on VXL BANK.

Stay on top of market movements

Get notified when crypto hits your desired prices. Stay ahead of the pack with the latest market news, directly in-app.

Securely stored crypto

The majority of our funds are held in cold storage with trusted custodians. Your private keys never touch the internet.

Round up your spare change in crypto

Cash out and grow your savings with daily interest

Split when you spend with Group Bills, and settle up when it’s all done

Get 1.2% cashback stored with your vaults when you join VXL BANK Card

Start with crypto, explore other features to get more from your money

VXL Bank provides fintech services between the banking and blockchain space, with cross borders payments, prepaid card issuing, and multi-currency services.

VXL Bank S.A. is an authorised European EMI agent working under for the distribution and redemption of electronic money.

VXL Bank S.A. is an authorised financial institution license.

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