Multi Currency Account

FX at your fingertips

Exchange, send, and spend money at excellent rates in 30+ currencies team and stay in control.

Multi-currency accounts

You can receive, hold and exchange money in 30+ currencies worldwide with no hidden fees. Set up as many sub-accounts in each currency as you need to run your business.

Exchange money in 30+ currencies

Enjoy market-leading, real-time rates in multiple currencies when you exchange money. Never worry about expensive foreign exchange again. Available in both our mobile and web app.

Spend like a local with debit cards worldwide

With excellent FX rates, you can spend on your debit card globally and save. Plus, get peace of mind knowing VXL Bank Business cards are widely accepted around the world.

Manage FX market risk with fixed future rates

Get great fixed FX rates for a set amount and date in the future, so you'll know exactly what you'll get. We charge a flat 1.5% for all future exchanges for customers on company plans.

Send global, act local

Explore more ways to take your account global

Send and receive without borders

Set your fixed future FX rates online, 24/7

Secured by high quality tech and card protection

Get iconic, sleek metal cards for you and your power players

What are you waiting for?

Get excellent rates on foreign exchange today

VXL Bank provides fintech services between the banking and blockchain space, with cross borders payments, prepaid card issuing, and multi-currency services.

VXL Bank S.A. is an authorised European EMI agent working under for the distribution and redemption of electronic money.

VXL Bank S.A. is an authorised financial institution license.

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