Simplify salaries with powerful Payroll

Effortlessly customise employee pay, save time with automatic calculations, and much more.

Set up Payroll in clicks, not hours

Get started quickly with a simple setup, then easily add team members, fill in basic details, and set pay schedules. No spreadsheets in sight.

Run Payroll from your VXL Bank Business account

Adding employee details, making tax calculations and paying salaries is effortless. No need to switch to other software – it’s all in one place.

Easily make real time changes

Customise pay runs at employee level and we’ll do the maths for you, in real time. Tailor pay schedules to cater to different employee needs, hassle-free.

Save time and connect automatically to HMRC

Changes to your employee tax codes, student loans, and more are synced with HMRC daily and updated automatically. We send your Full Payment Submission every month, too.

"Simple, seamless salary processing. Payroll reduces the number of third parties we work with."

Daniel Cowen, CEO & Co-Founder • 3Doodler

What are you waiting for?

Get organised with smart tools to track payments, spend, and more

Send and receive without borders

Invoices that work smarter

Stay safe with tech and card protections

Empower your team with smart company debit cards

VXL Bank provides fintech services between the banking and blockchain space, with cross borders payments, prepaid card issuing, and multi-currency services.

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